A stormy Sunday will bring travel trouble

An autumn storm will slow holiday travelers on Sunday as they try to get home. 

What You Need To Know

  • Switch your travel to Saturday to avoid the storm
  • Airport delays are expected
  • Highway flooding is possible

Sunday is one of the busiest travel days of the Thanksgiving holiday and the weather will create delays on the roads and in the air. Be sure to give yourself extra time and consider traveling on Saturday to avoid the wet weather. 

In terms of timing, here in the city, the start of Sunday will be dry. Showers will develop by mid morning. The worst of the rain will be in the afternoon and early evening. Watch for downpours. The rain will slowly taper off Sunday night. 

The storm system will be centered in the Ohio Valley and impact most of the eastern half of the nation. Major airport hubs like Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte, D.C., Boston and NYC will all see delays and possibly cancellations. The earlier you fly on Sunday, the less likely you are to face weather issues for your travel. 

Those traveling by road in the region won’t escape the storm. Thankfully, though, no snow is expected. Be ready for wet roads and wipers for most of New York State, especially in Albany and the Adirondack region.


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