Agoda uses ChatGPT to serenade Valentine’s Day hotspots

Agoda, revealed that couples in the Asia Pacific region are opting to spend time together in energetic cosmopolitan cities this Valentine’s Day, with eight of the top ten destinations being city-based trips. Some top destinations include beach destinations like Bali, Goa, Da Nang, and Dubai. Tokyo, Bangkok, and Singapore emerged as the top Valentine’s Day getaways in Asia, basis Agoda’s Search Data.

Recently introduced chatbot ChatGPT already has millions falling in love with its capabilities. When asked by Agoda to channel its inner artificial intelligence-Shakespeare the chatbot composed lines like ‘From Pad Thai to Tom Yum Goong, Bangkok’s food is a taste that lingers on’ (Bangkok, Thailand), ‘With every visit, I’m captured whole, in this gem of India, I find my goal’ (Goa, India), and ‘Mount Fuji in the distance, a sight to behold. Tokyo, a city that never gets old’ (Tokyo, Japan).

Using ChatGPT to compose poetry may be a gimmick, but the artificial intelligence technology powering the chatbot is beyond promising, said Omri Morgenshtern, Chief Executive Officer of Agoda: “We’re all about hassle-free travel at Agoda and a technological leap like this has a lot of potential to further enhance the booking experience on digital travel platforms. We’ll be paying close attention as Agoda is already among the frontrunners exploring how technology can be applied in a practical way to help make travel more accessible to all.”

To pay homage to the romantic hotspots in the top 14 searched destinations, Agoda commissioned AI-powered chatbot ChatGPT to compose unique poems.

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