Amsterdam Schiphol opens Spaces Lounge co-working facility – Business Traveller

Meanwhile Arthur Reijnhart, director commercial at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, commented:

“We are extremely proud to open both locations that focus on different target groups. Flexible office space at the airport means that professionals can be productive wherever they are. Whether they need a local office space, or want to use their waiting or transfer time optimally while on a business trip.

“The adjacent Panorama Restaurant is a fantastic addition with a vision to also offer business travellers and other individuals a place to meet up. But it’s definitely a place where families and plane spotters can relax and enjoy views of the Panorama Terrace, runways and departing and arriving planes too.”

The openings are part of work to redevelop the airport’s Lounge 1. In a recent press release Schiphol said:

“The redevelopment of Lounge 1 will see a surface area of 24,000 sqm being given a new, clearer layout that will enable travellers to find their way more easily.

“There will also be around 5,000 sqm of additional space, which will be used by travellers and for new catering and retail establishments – 23 new concepts located around the lounge’s two central plazas.

“On the top floor of Lounge 1 (the food court), the number of food and drink establishments will also be increased.”

The area will stay open during the works, with the airport stating that “hindrance to travellers will be kept to a minimum because some of the works will take place at night”, adding that “the work is being divided into several consecutive phases, so that airlines, passengers and employees experience as little hindrance as possible”.

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