Clearing leave and want to travel? 6 destinations with new attractions and airfare deals

The light at the end of the tunnel is finally here for vacation-starved Singaporeans, except those who didn’t manage to score a plane ticket before airfares skyrocketed.

But, if you have until the end of March to clear your leave or remaining days carried over from the previous year, travelling in the first quarter has its merits. You get to enjoy off-peak prices, and attractions and flights are nowhere as crowded.

With only a week off work, nobody has time for 13-hour flights and the subsequent jet lag. Thankfully, Australasia has been up to plenty since we’ve been gone, with new hotels and attractions emerging from a post-pandemic glow-up. Below are six destinations, their latest offerings, and airline deals available at the time of writing.


A stroll by the Swan River is inevitable when in Perth, but the Matagarup Bridge Climb, which opened in December 2021, makes for a less cliched vantage point.

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