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Weddings are always fun and extravagant affairs. There is so much preparation that a family does, from wedding venues to small details like flower decorations. But, in all these things, one can agree that the most fun during weddings is to travel with your cousins and larger families. Till now, you might have seen buses and trains filled with people, but have you ever seen all relatives travelling in a plane?

In a recent video shared by Instagram user @Shreyaa_shaah, you can see a woman saying that they have booked an entire plane for her sister’s wedding. Then, in the next shot, she shows all the relatives waving and cheering from inside the plane.

The post’s caption read, “Let’s roll. Guess where we’re off to for the wedding?”

Take a look at the video below:

This video was shared two days back. Since being shared, it has been liked more than six lakh times and has several comments.

One person in the Instagram comments said, “All I need in my life is this kind of money.” A second person said, “The plane got hijacked by loveeeee.” A third person added, “I need this kind of money in my life.”

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