Inverness joins rail-air club – Business Traveller

Tomorrow will see the opening of Inverness airport’s first train station, which has been mooted for 25 years.

The new station is located on the main Inverness-Aberdeen line served by Scotrail, with the train operator already posting schedules for the new station on its website.

However not everything is perfect.

The main issue is that the station is located roughly one mile from the airport terminal.  It remains to be seen what sort of bus transfer will be arranged once the station is fully open.

There is a shorter route for those who wish to walk (with no heavy luggage) as rail enthusiast Geoff Marshall has tweeted.

Besides regional links there are three main airlines serving Inverness: British Airways, KLM and Easyjet.

While the latter is known for its links to London, we find BA and KLM connecting Inverness with the outside world via London Heathrow and Amsterdam respectively.

Inverness is a member of Highlands and Islands Airports, and what is interesting is that these airports are exempt from APD (Air Passenger Duty) much to the chagrin of Aberdeen (the nearest international gateway).

Canny travellers are known to use Inverness for this very reason, hence the arrival of KLM in recent years. Obviously the savings are great if you travel premium class long-haul or are a family group.

Thanks to global access, Inverness is a worthwhile arrival or departure point for business and tourist travellers.

And of course the destination can be mixed and matched with Scotland’s other international gateways: Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

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