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The Royal Family members often travel to countries around the world representing the UK, and they sometimes fly commercial. British Airways is an airline which has been favoured by the entire Royal Family for years and the Prince and Princess of Wales have been spotted on commercial flights many times.

Prince William was seen on board a Ryanair flight alongside his bodyguard in 2015 during a solo trip.

He sat in the economy cabin and flew from Norfolk to Scotland as part of his training with East Anglian Air Ambulance.

One passenger on the flight explained: “I never expected to see him on Ryanair, but it’s refreshing to see a member of the Royal Family take a cheap flight,” they told The Sun.

A royal insider revealed on Channel 5’s documentary Secrets of the Royal Flight how the royals manage to go unnoticed on commercial planes.

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The Prince and Princess of Wales have their own tricks when it comes to travelling, including secret “code names”.

Royal correspondent Emily Andrews explained: “Kate and William on their 2014 tour to Australia travelled under the names of Mr and Mrs Smith and Prince George, who was eight or nine months at the time, was baby Jones.”

Ms Andrews explained that in the early stages of Prince Harry’s relationship with Meghan Markle, the couple flew to Norway using Norwegian Air.

The plane was full but they managed to sneak on board without anyone realising.


All members of the Royal Family reportedly have access to the luxurious Windsor Suite at Heathrow airport.

It is believed Prince William and Kate have used the VIP lounge before, where there is a chauffeur service, Michelin-star menus and unlimited champagne.

Michelin-starred chef Jason Atherton is in charge of the delicious food which is served to guests by a personal butler.

The menu includes “light and seasonal” British produce and pictures of passengers shared on social media showed pastries filled with pistachio and chocolate fondue served with marshmallows and shortbread.

Other dishes include BBQ pulled chicken with celeriac slaw, spiced seabream with warm chickpea and samphire salad, confit tomatoes, charred aubergine puree and saffron aioli and steamed seabass with bergamot marmalade and pickled fennel.

Priya Malhotra, head of Heathrow VIP, commented: “You can order from the menu as much as you want.

“You can even order the entire menu and drink me out of Dom [Perignon Champagne] – please do so, but I might be grumpy,” she told Business Insider.

It is reported that access to the suite costs around £3,000 for a two-hour service. Anyone can access the luxury VIP service but passengers have to hold a business-class ticket.

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