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Pet parents dream of travelling the world with their furry friends and rarely miss a chance to tag them along on road trips and vacations. And a video that showcases a man travelling with his pet dog to the world’s highest motorable road in Ladakh just fits right in. The viral video captures Chow Sureng Rajkonwar and his pet dog Bella riding along some picturesque locations.

“Our Zanskar and ladakh story in 45 second,” read the caption of the video shared on Instagram. The video, a montage of clips, opens with Rajkonwar saying that riding with a pooch from Delhi to Ladakh was not an easy decision as it involved attaching a customised seat for Bella, training her and packing her luggage. It then shows the duo riding along snow-dusted Himalayan ranges and scaling sparkling clean rivers to complete Zanskar and Ladakh circuit. Towards the end, the two can be seen with the Indian flag at Umling La, the world’s highest motorable road.

Watch the viral video below:

Since being shared on November 16, the video has gathered more than 1.3 million views. It has also raked up lakhs of likes and comments.

“This is so wholesome on so many levels, thank you for honouring our India. Is Bella an indie?” wrote an individual. “This is awesome. Good luck to you and Bella for more adventures,” shared another. “Bella living her best life!,” commented a third. “Oh damn! Inspiring,” shared a fourth.

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