Singaporeans should defer non-essential travel to affected areas in Indonesia after Mt Semeru eruption: MFA

The agency also issued a warning to residents not to approach within 8km of the summit, or 500m of riversides due to risks of lava flows. 

It added that no activities should also be carried out “from the southeast area of Mount Semeru along the Besuk Kobokan river, up to 17km from the crater, and 500m from any Besuk Kobokan riverbank”. 

MFA said that Singaporeans should take necessary precautions for their personal safety and are encouraged to e-register with MFA if they have not done so.

Those who require consular assistance can contact the Singapore Embassy in Jakarta at +62 (21) 2995 0400 or +62 811 863 348.

Singaporeans can also approach the 24-hour MFA Duty Office at +65 6379 8800/8855.

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