Southwest Tests a Big Boarding Process Change

With the holiday season upon us, parents are already dreading the headaches that can come from flying with a big family.

Some airlines, like Spirit (SAVE) – Get Free Report, will charge more money if you want to make certain the entire family sits together on their flight. Hawaiian, Alaska, American Airlines, and many others will let you pre-assign a seat when you are purchasing a ticket, so you can make certain that everyone sits together. 

Then there’s the matter of Southwest Airlines  (LUV) – Get Free Report, which takes a different approach from the rest of the industry. The Texas-based company uses a system where, as soon as they check-in, passengers are assigned to one of three boarding groups: either A, B, or C, as well as a position ranging from one to 60. So you will end up with something like B47 or C2 on your boarding pass, which represents your reserved spot.

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