Where and how to take the train with Amtrak

One of the last Amtrak passenger trains which pass through Louisville on the runs between Chicago and Miami, took on water at Union Station as passengers boarded.


Ever grow tired of driving or relying on sometimes delayed planes when traveling in and out of Kentucky?

You have another choice: Catch a train.

And for those who want to kick back and relax (and are fine with longer travel times) while taking in the views, Amtrak has four stations in Kentucky. 

Before getting to the rundown of where they are and where they can take travelers, it’s worth noting that no, Louisville once did but currently does not have passenger rail service. 

However, some momentum formed in 2021 for expanding service to Louisville and other unserved cities with help from federal funding championed by President Joe Biden, though any such national growth could take years to become reality, if at all. 

Nationwide rail strike:Rail strike averted: Biden signs measure preventing shutdown of U.S. freight system

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